Cha is the vernacular name of a subspecies of self-taughtus artistis illustratoris, belonging to the genus of French wire-haired cartoonists.

Born in Sologne (France) in 1982, she grew up in the countryside of Loiret, spent a few years in Tours and Paris before migrating to Spain. In her youth, she orbited the punk rock scene and created murals at concerts and festivals with the Humungus Collective. However, since she’s too old to be young, she aspires to a quieter life and enjoys the company of our animal friends.

Cha has had her works published in France in periodicals such as Spirou, Psikopat, Aaarg!, Topo, and Fluide Glacial. She is the co-author, along with Eldiablo, of Pizza Roadtrip and the series Un Homme de Goût (two volumes and one complete edition released to date, with two new volumes in preparation), as well as Le Voile Noir with Dodo.